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Innovative solutions for a sustainable world.

Sustainable Climate Solutions

Climate change is an ever-growing global crisis, and it’s become increasingly difficult to make a real and lasting difference given the limited resources we have.


Climate change is a pressing issue that demands immediate action to avoid the most catastrophic effects of a warming planet. Businesses and communities around the world are expected to be affected by these challenges, which include natural disasters, health risks and social instability. Recognizing the potential for long-term value creation and risk mitigation, businesses across industries are taking steps to transform their business models and invest in sustainability measures. SGY offers a holistic approach for economic, social, and environmental sustainability through measurable and traceable system establishment, program design, investment planning, and access to funding resources.


focused on creating
sustainable solutions
that benefit future.

System Group is an engineering and consultancy firm founded in 1998 in Ankara, Turkey, committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to complex challenges across a range of industries.


Turkiye HQ —
Aşağıöveçler District, Çetin Emeç Blvd., 1328. St. 15/1

Turkiye JHSU —
İvedik OSB. 1368. St. Eminel İş Merkezi 18/106 İvedik/Ankara

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